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Our aim is to provide India, with football players of the highest calibre who can represent us, all across the world and promote football as a career choice while increasing the popularity of the sport and quality of football in India.`

The inspiration

The Oranje as the name suggests seeks inspiration from the Dutch football team and more specifically the Dutch philosophy of Total football. The way football has evolved over the years, clearly shows the importance of skill and technique over physical play and endurance. Football has various styles and tactics involved and each way has its merits and is the right way.


We at ‘The Oranje’ believe we can help kids play football in a more enjoyable, productive and efficient way that will change their outlook towards football coaching and help them realize their dream through proper coaching and guidance.  There are basically three stages in football as a child develops.
A technical stage, a tactical stage and an information stage. The physical development takes place on its own as the child enjoys playing and thus running with the ball. But warm-up, conditioning, cool down and a proper diet are very important if a talented kid wants to realize his full potential and hence is a crucial part of our setup.

Oranje Academy - The Total football coach

 We at ‘The Oranje’ feel it is very important to add to the child’s natural ability by coaching and guiding them in a free environment rather than teaching them wherein they are forced to follow our lead and copy us. Every child has a talent and we approach each of them differently and the intention is to improve each and every child and not just focus on making the already good players better. We stress on punctuality, team work, hard work, discipline and respect for the opponent.

Our progress in 2017, and the road ahead.

The academy has progressively grown from being located in one Turf in Powai, and spread across 4 schools and 5 football turfs, and we are still counting. The core team of licensed coaches is now close to 30.

Specialized training for toddlers and beginners. Semi - Pro  & Advanced training sessions for young adults & corporate teams as well. Our coaches have been trained to extract the best potential of each player in the academy and provide value education in building formidable athletes.

This has been mapped with an intricate curriculum based guidance program by the Founder and Head Coach.

The year of 2018 will see our team's performing at the professional circuit in the MDFA league and youth league as well. Total of 4 teams. Two Senior Sports Consultants and A head for Sports Nutrition are soon going to be on our panel to design the entire map for the overall progress and expansion of the Oranje academy into new sectors of Football and 3 new sports.

Our journey so far...

We strive to change the general perception of people about football in our country, so that they can look towards football as a genuine career path for their children and thus we can help the country by providing football players of the highest caliber.

Support us in our journey...




  1995 - 2010



The Oranje Academy in play & Growing

Self funded and taking on his dreams,  The Oranje Academy came alive in January with 23 eager students of all ages.By year end, we had more than 200 students of all ages under coaching, and organised more than 5 Tournaments  for open and U-16/U-19 categories.

further education

The robotics fan allowed sports to rule his life as Satyajeet enrolled for the prestigious Masters in International Sports Management from Northumbria University. He also fought hard to receive the status of being an FA Licensed Coach.

Whilst learning & playing the game,  coaching came naturally to Satyajeet and he started training young boys with the game. These boys are now Coaches at the Oranje Academy

naturally a coach

Mechanical Engineer by qualifictaion, but a self taught footballer  from an early age of 4-5, Satyajeet was clear that the love for the game will drive lot more in times to come.

Love for football started young

growth by leaps & bounds

The academy now operates out of 5 football turfs and coaches in 4 schools across Mumbai. The core team of licensed coaches has crossed 30. The Oranje Under-14 team won the Adidas Uprising football tournament and 2 players have made it to the state levels.

 We envision spreading our wings across other Central, South and Western Mumbai.

continued Expansion on our mind


Here at ‘The Oranje Football Academy’, we have a panel of professionals which includes more than 30 licensed coaches, including also a psychologist, a medical consultant and a nutritionist. The assistant coaches are also some of the best players that have been trained by Satyajeet personally, and everyone is are well aware of the philosophy that we propagate. The level of coaching throughout the academy is consistent. We don’t believe in hiring coaches or asking fellow footballers or friends to coach for us, as the level of coaching and the philosophy differs. We try to give our best on the pitch, we have and utilise, the best equipment possible and provide a very good playing surface.

Our Philosophies & Beliefs

We are yet to come of age, but it's been a learning thus far.
Each child under our guidance teaches us something new.

Each stalwart gives us strategies to reckon with, keeps us grounded & lends perspective.

...and each Football hero inspires us to no end.


The moments are aplenty and we literally have a ball on the turf... but this gallery keeps those moments alive. Who knows when one of the kids who features here gets to play for a league or even India in times to come. We are proud of each Oranje Cub.

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Honest words from parents

Excited fathers

Satisfied mothers

"What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches; is a quote I feel that is befitting for The Oranje Football Academy. My 5yr old who desperately wanted to join a class because he wanted to score a goal. From there to becoming a kid who takes nothing more than 5 minutes to get ready for his class, gets worked up when he is unable to win, constantly wanting to make himself better by kicking his soccer ball (paper balls, small stones, etc) at home to practice what he a journey we are very happy to witness.


Words fall short when one has talk about the coaches....they are just fantastic. There are so many coaches but they know each and every student by their name and skills. Even if the coaches are shuffled around the different location the learning never skips a beat. the coaches just pick up from where it was left. Coaching at the academy is very individualized as is very evident from the report card that we received. The report card gives you an insight into your child and his/her progress.


The coaches are very approachable, on time and are really good at notifying parents about class cancellations ahead of time. Overall Siva and I are extremely happy with The Oranje Football Academy who have kept the spark alive in Yadu."

Prasanna Gurumurthy (Yadu's Father, Ghatkopar)

"I am very happy with the academy, the kind of professional coaches. My son has been two other academies before but I admit that this is the best one. I would like to have my son this academy always and will recommend it to anybody. "

Nitin (Parent, Oberoi International School)


"Sanay has been associated with Oranje Club for more than a year at Powai. On hearing about summer camp at NIS, he was so excited that he would be able to play with children and coaches twice a day. Even on repetitive discussions of discontinuing Powai classes and joining only at NIS summer camp, he just dismissed such discussions and continued in the morning at NIS and evening at Powai. I see him working very well with group of skilled coaches and children of same or higher age group. He enjoys learning techniques and has improved substantially over time. Thanks to all the coaches of Oranje Club to instill faith in Sanay about his capabilities in football and his passion and willingness to take this sport forward.....may be as a career option."

Sangram (Parent, Oberoi International School)



"Oranje Academy is one the best coaching academy I have come across. My son refuses to go to any coaching after 10 days in Delhi but with Oranje guys he took more than a month willingly and happily. The coaches are young energetic and understand children very well. They are not just teachers but also friends which makes all the difference. I hope that Oranje comes to Delhi soon and would highly recommend it to everyone. "

Dr Deepali Sharma (Parent)


"Oranje football academy is the best academy as it not only looks at just teaching the sport but also builds in immense confidence and passion in child and superb learning. Best time of the day for my son Hirenn is when he is on the ground with orange team. Thanks to The Oranje team."

Pooja (Parent, Oberoi International School)


"My son has enjoyed his sessions with his favourite football coaches and his skill and the game has shown tremendous improvement. I only wish you could continue this within school hours so their growth would continue. "

Pallavi Das (NIS)



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Total football

Total football basically means a player can play anywhere across the pitch with ease. But it needs a high level of skill, concentration and team work. A player needs to work on 5 basic footballing attributes such as passing, movement, organization, communication and positioning, coupled with personal attributes such as concentration, calmness, composure and awareness. And all of it can be achieved through proper coaching &  personal effort.


Serious motivation

Stalwarts and football greats such as Bill Shankly keep us awake and determined. The words of the great resonate in our ears and within our soul and make us strive for perfection.


"Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don't like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that."



At Oranje, we believe that sport needs to be an integral part of growing up. It teaches lessons that go a long way in life, that of team building, healthy competition, resilience, self motivation, fitness and many more. We make sure of not tiring or over stressing young bodies but instead mould them into energetic and positive bundles that love to prance around.


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